How to Maximize Your Chances of Successful Pregnancy in Ukrainian Surrogacy: Understand Success Rates

One of the greatest fears of intended parents is that embryos fail and your surrogate will not get pregnant.

In this series of pieces, we want to give tips as to how to minimize your chances of failed embryos.

Understand what is behind the stated success rates:

Understand that success rates are averages. Will you have a better chance than average? Or is it lower? If an agency says you are guaranteed to implant, you should probably run away. Nothing is guaranteed.

Find out YOUR potential success rate in your particular situation. At a good agency, doctors will review your situation and all your tests and give you a more accurate idea of where you fall in the curve. The should do this for FREE. We do this as Delivering Dreams because we want our IP to come into the process with full knowledge of their potential outcome. We believe it is not fair to treat every unique couple the same. They are not.

Make sure the success rates are for live births, NOT pregnancy tests. Success rates need to include any lost pregnancies after implantation. You don’t want a positive pregnancy test, you want a healthy birth.

Who does your agency serve? I once interviewed a clinic that was so cheap, I asked them how on earth they could afford to do it. They answered that they only take clients who are very young and meet the very highest standards. Of course their success rates are through the roof. They cherry-pick only the ips that have the highest potential for success.

Success rates can be misleading. If an agency works with difficult cases with a low probability of success and clearly articulates this risk to the IP, several attempts result in a lower success rate. So, if you look just at the success rate, it could mean they turn away older, more challenging couples that want a child as much as a younger easier case.

Ask why their success rates are what they are. Why are they so high? If the agency does not have a good answer, it probably is not a good choice.

In short, success rates provided are averages, but you should not be treated like an average. One size does not fit all, and neither do success rates.

Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information about success rates and feel free to share your concerns and questions here.

Learn More About International Surrogacy In Ukraine:

Delivering Dreams helps couples throughout the world struggling with infertility have children. Located in NJ and Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine, our amazing medical facilities and professionals, surrogates and donors are in Ukraine, because Ukrainian law protects the rights of parents and their children from inception at affordable costs and high success rates.

Unique to Delivering Dreams, we offer guaranteed not to exceed, all-inclusive pricing and contracts under US law to provide prospective parents legal and financial security.

1 in 6 couples are struggling with infertility. You are not alone. We want to be your path to parenthood.

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