How to Maximize Your Chances of Successful Pregnancy in Ukrainian Surrogacy: Surrogacy Testing

One of the greatest fears of intended parents is that embryos fail and your surrogate will not get pregnant.

In this series of pieces, we want to give tips as to how to minimize your chances of failed embryos.

The importance of surrogate screening:

After the requirements for surrogates, every agency does different testing. You want to make sure you get a list of all the tests and screening an agency does.

Is the screening done before you are offered surrogate profiles? As with donors, most agencies have huge data bases that are actually lists of every woman that has ever come in the door. Ask that you are only given candidates that are fully screened. The last thing you want is to find someone you love and then find out they don’t meet the grade, or they are no longer interested.

By the way, you should NEVER be asked to pay for the surrogate testing.

Will they let you do any additional testing? For a very thorough agency (which is where you should be looking) you probably can’t think of another test to do, but if you do want one, you should be able to do this if it is safe and approved by the doctors and surrogate. If an agency makes this a really big deal, this should be a red flag. Why won’t they let another test be done?

How selective is an agency? After meeting the Ukrainian legal requirements, what percentage of women to they actually accept into their surrogacy program?

What contact can you have with your surrogate throughout the process. I always feel there must be a reason why? What are they hiding? Do they have poor living conditions? Is their behavior not appropriate? My mind goes in a lot of scary places. I believe there should never be anything to hide. You should be as involved with the surrogate as you wish. With Delivering Dream, we think this is important. We want you to be a part of your child’s first months and our surrogates are great and we have NOTHING to hide.

Don’t be afraid to ask your agency questions. This is a very big step and you should always feel that they are responsive and honest in their answers. If they are not this way before you sign a contract, it is not a good sign of how they might be afterwards.

Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information about success rates and feel free to share your concerns and questions here.

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