Things your Doctors May NOT Tell You? Fertility Treatments Can Go On For Longer Than Expected

While a woman’s menstrual cycle is on average 28 days long, an IVF cycle can take a lot longer than that. Sometimes IVF involves pretreatments of birth control pills to regulate a woman’s cycle and ovulation, Pavone notes. Once IVF officially begins, the process can last from four to six weeks until egg retrieval; after egg retrieval, embryos are usually transferred three to five days later.

Complicating matters, “starting a cycle doesn’t mean completing it — around 20 percent of the time a cycle is canceled,” notes Domar, the coauthor of Conquering Infertility. If another cycle is started later, the whole process begins anew and the clock is reset.

From an article by Stacy Colino and medically reviewed by Kacy Church MD

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