What To Do With Extra Embryos?

After your surrogacy journey, most couples are likely to have unused embryos. There are options as to what you can do with these.

Most likely you have frozen the remaining embryos in case the first attempt was not successful. After you have a healthy child there are several options:

  • Continue to store your embryos in case you might like a sibling down the road. In Ukraine you may store your embryos for an unlimited amount of time unlike some countries and the cost is extremely reasonable.
  • You can donate them to research
  • You can donate them to friends you know who might be in need
  • You can make them available for embryo adoption to couples you will not know (it must be anonymous in Ukraine) who can’t create embryos themselves to create their family.
  • You can have them destroyed.

We suggest both spouses come to a decision about what to do with their excess embryos in advance and make sure you are in agreement. For some this can be a difficult and complicated decision and we want you to be prepared in advance.

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