Why Our Donor Matching Process is Extraordinary

At Delivering Dreams, all our donors are vigorously screened BEFORE we offer them to you. We have made sure they meet all the conditions set by the Ukrainian government – your donor must have a least one healthy child born naturally without any complications and be without any complications and between 25-35 and pass some basic medical tests. We take the testing way further with extensive medical and psychological testing, home visits and family history.

Often our donor selection process starts before you finalize your contract. Based on your requirements – hair color, eye color, height, education, hobbies and more, we will find several donors that meet your requests. Donors in Ukraine must be anonymous, but you will receive photos and all information except for name and contact information.

We believe getting the very best donor is essential to the process and we pay our donors more than most other agencies. It is not a lot of money in US terms, but it can be 3 times what other agencies and clinics pay. This is another way we get the best and the brightest AND the healthiest for you and assure the highest success rates for your surrogacy or IVF.

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Learn More About International Surrogacy In Ukraine:

Delivering Dreams helps couples throughout the world struggling with infertility have children. Located in NJ and Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine, our amazing medical facilities and professionals, surrogates and donors are in Ukraine, because Ukrainian law protects the rights of parents and their children from inception at affordable costs and high success rates.

Unique to Delivering Dreams, we offer guaranteed not to exceed, all-inclusive pricing and contracts under US law to provide prospective parents legal and financial security.

1 in 6 couples are struggling with infertility. You are not alone. We want to be your path to parenthood.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact us to share your challenges, ask questions and discuss solutions. Info@Delivering-Dreams.com, www.Delivering-Dreams.com and www.international-surrogacy.com, 1.908.386.3864

International surrogacy made simple!

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