What They Don’t Tell You About Infertility

What they don’t tell you about infertility is how much it absolutely consumes your day-to-day, how you’ll see some pregnant people and be unphased and then when you learn that your childhood crush is expecting their first child, it sends you into a tailspin.

They don’t tell you about the friendships you’ll lose because you can’t bring yourself to go to their baby showers, or the countless times you’ll avoid parties where the only thing the parents will talk about is how much their kid sleeps, eats, and shits.

They don’t tell you about how you’ll question your “womanhood” or blame your body, your partner, your past, or the Universe. Or how every minute of every day you’ll think about what your baby would have looked like, sounded like, or been like.

They don’t tell you about the support groups you’ll join only to see other women leave to have happy pregnancies of their own and for some reason, it will feel like this great betrayal even though you’re actually happy they are out of this nightmare themselves.

They don’t tell you how completely isolating the process is even when you have a team of doctors and nurses around you. How it feels like everyone in your world is able to get pregnant, except for you.

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