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Surrogacy is a major decision and can be a very stressful journey. “Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency strives to make your surrogacy journey in Ukraine as stress free as possible.” Says Delivering Dreams founder Susan Kibler. “One way we do this is by presenting you resources: some of the best in their field to help and support you through the ups and downs.”

Sylvia DeMott is one such specialist resource. She is a Mindset Coach and has been helpingpeople as a therapist since 2004 and as a coach since 2016. What separates her from other coaches is her expertise as a therapist specializing in anxiety, and because of this, she is able to help clients quickly learn how to take brave action to reach their goals faster while staying emotionally-centered.

Sylvia states, “The effects of long-term stress caused by infertility can lead to feelings of inadequacy, emotional exhaustion, and overwhelm if left unchecked. Having an experienced coach who can support you through the surrogacy journey and help you get out of your own way can make all of the difference in maintaining a healthy and joyful perspective.”Sylvia DeMott offers 1:1 mindset coaching to overcome obstacles and successfully deal with challenges like infertility and surrogacy and will have a special offer for attendees.

You can connect to Sylvia via FaceBook or Instagram by messaging her at @sylviademottcoaching. You can also email her directly at
Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency tries to make international surrogacy in Ukraine the best experience it can be by providing surrogates and donorsare comprehensively tested and immediately available for matching. This means you don’t have towait and worry about getting started.Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency provides compassionate, personalized and responsive service throughout the entire surrogacy journey, from application to bringing your newborn home; as well as offering guaranteed capped pricing and legal protections to minimize uncertainty and anxiety.Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy in Ukraine is available to all traditionally married couples who are unable to carry a child or have experienced 4 or more unsuccessful IVF attempts.

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