Does Sperm Washing Increase The Success Rates In Ukrainian Surrogacy?

Success rates do increase when sperm washing is used with IUI. Sperm washing is a form of sperm preparation that is required prior to intrauterine insemination or IVF because it removes chemicals from the semen, which may cause adverse reactions in the uterus. During the sperm washing process sperm is separated from the seminal fluid.

Because sperm washing ensures that only the most healthy and active sperm are used for fertilization, there is an increased chance that you or your surrogate with Ukrainian Surrogacy will become pregnant when using washed sperm. However, success rates do depend on your partner’s overall sperm count.

IMPORTANT: Sexual abstinence for at least 2 days, but not more than 5 days, is recommended prior to collecting semen. Specimen should be collected in sterile wide-mouth containers via dry masturbation (no lubricants). A washed specimen can be safely stored for a couple of hours prior to insemination. The Fertility Center of California, Sperm Bank Inc., offers a service which keeps the washed specimen safe in a special medium for up to 6 hours in cases where the artificial insemination procedure is delayed.

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