The truth and confusion behind success rates

Often success rates are used to compare agencies and clinics. While this should be done, it is important to know the limitations of these statistics. They can be very misleading. 

Success in surrogacy requires many things. Some of these are beyond anyone’s control. If a parent’s sperm or eggs do not meet average requirements, this will lower the overall success rate. This means that if a clinic is working with many really challenging cases, their success rate overall will likely be lower than a clinic that is cherry picking the easiest cases. Since they don’t break up the success rates based on the quality of sperm, for example, it could be that a clinic with a lower average success rate, has a far higher success rate for difficult cases than others. There are no records of success visa vie specific criteria. 

Surrogacy rates change over time. You can always ask how a rate has changed over the years and why? 

Lastly, who checks that these rates are accurate? Can they just be made up? It has been known to be done all over the world. 

At Delivering Dreams, we like to see the results of tests and give you an idea of your probability for success. This way, it reflects your unique situation and not an average of a population that may not represent you at all.

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