In The Shadow оf War, Ukrainian Surrogacy Agency Takes Proactive Safety Steps

The Preemptive Actions аn International Surrogacy Agency is Taking to Ensure Ukrainian Surrogacy is Safe for Their Couples, Surrogates and Children

Over a dozen nations including the US and Canada have strongly recommended their citizens leave Ukraine immediately. The US has said aerial bombardments could begin “at any time”.

It might seem like an impossible time to start a family through Ukrainian surrogacy and a scary time to travel for the birth of your child. However, one international surrogacy agency in Ukraine has ensured that all will be well by taking significant proactive measures.

Why Ukraine Is Such A Hot Spot For Surrogacy?

The cost of surrogacy is a fraction of that in the US, and guaranteed live birth programs with unlimited transfers and IVF cycles are available to ensure success.

Lower costs due to the difference in economies, strong legal protections for biological parents, and some of the finest world class medical facilities and professionals; Ukraine has become a top destination for surrogacy.

Surrogacy agencies and clinics working with surrogacy in Ukraine differ substantially. Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency based in New Jersey, USA, Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine stands apart as a nontraditional agency offering American financial and legal security and standards at Ukrainian prices. It protects biological parents without any conflict of interest.

What is it like to be Ukraine today?

Life throughout the country is peaceful and calm. People go about their normal business, going to work, shopping, eating at cafes, getting haircuts and manicures.

Surrogacy procedures are also conducted as normal. Surrogates and donors are screened. IVF with ICSI is done. Embryos are genetically tested and transferred to surrogates. Positive pregnancy tests, comprehensive surrogate care and births are all taking place without any change.

In the clinics there is no shortage of international couples participating in surrogacy programs. Kate Martson, a Customer Service Representative at Delivering Dreams, who accompanies couples to all their appointments at clinics and birth hospitals stated that she sees no difference at all in the number of couples now compared to 2-5 months ago.

Founder of Delivering Dreams, Susan Kersch-Kibler is planning on traveling soon to Ukraine. “I have already booked flights and am greatly looking forward to my trip.”. She is confident in her safety and the safety of all Delivering Dreams’ surrogates, biological parents, children and can’t wait to meet them in person and share their joy.

The founder of Delivering Dreams, Susan Kersch-Kibler, states “our surrogates are not at all nervous or concerned and believe there will not be any invasion or violence. Our biological parents are.”

Relocating Surrogates To Lviv

Because of the high level of concern from intended parents, Delivering Dreams has taken the proactive step of relocating all surrogates at all stages of their pregnancy to Lviv. This beautiful Ukrainian city is in the far west of Ukraine and very close to Poland.

Surrogacy is a very stressful process. These are parents that have tried everything else possible to have a child. Head of Customer Service at Delivering Dreams, Oksana Kaday says the reason for the move is so that the parents feel confident that their surrogate and children will be far from harm’s way.

The surrogacy agency has moved all surrogates that were in Kyiv in the last months of their pregnancies. Next will be every other pregnant surrogate. The only delay will be with surrogates that are waiting for their pregnancy tests. They will be moved when the pregnancy is confirmed to minimize any risk of losing the pregnancy.

Surrogates are traveling in luxury train compartments on an overnight train so they can rest and be as comfortable as possible. They are also able to take their children and families with them to Lviv, although few families have decided this is necessary. The option remains open for them to travel and live in Lviv at any time.

Who Pays For All These Safety Precautions?

Delivering Dreams does not believe in financial surprises. It takes care of all transportation and housing for surrogates. If the amount runs well over budget, the agency pays the difference.

Independent Agency Not Tied To Any Clinic Or Location

Because of the agency’s unique independence, there is no commitment or attachment to any clinic. The goal is always the health and welfare of the surrogates and the children they carry.

Most agencies are owned by clinics. They can only work with that one clinic. This limits them to one physical location. Delivering Dreams works with a multiple select medical facilities, clinics and maternity hospitals throughout Ukraine.

Surrogates already have appointments in Lviv so their care will remain seamless and of the highest level.

Hoping For Peace Preparing For War

With American leadership, Delivering Dreams understands the expectations for the quality of care and security for couples’ surrogates and biological children.

Kibler says, “We are happy to provide this level of security. The intended parents have enough they worry about normally. With the fear of Russian invasion that brings an entire new level of anxiety.”

“We are hoping for peace, and planning for the worst.”

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